People say that resolutions are made to be broken and as true as that might be, I believe there’s a way to power through and meet our goals. I found myself thinking about January and how it’s always been a goal to finish January strong. Maybe it’s the Viking in me, but I experience such an exhilaration when I triumph through this tough month. Some years my set resolutions have not even made it thus far, but this year is different.

There’s a long lived method - in the form of “baby steps”. We've heard of the tactics of baby steps or small steps for as long as we’ve lived. And I love transforming it into a goal solution strategy. The method is simple: everything you want to accomplish - break into micro bits. Like a slider (vegan or otherwise) - it’s small, cute and easy to chew.

There’s some planning involved - but it’s all about breaking big tasks into smaller portions. I tend to dread distance running in my training like the Glacier Lagoon run which is 33km - but once I’m 3,3 km in I’ve accomplished 10% of the total length. And thinking that I have 9 of these smaller portions to go I can fathom it. For me it’s always about breaking it down and only focusing on one portion at a time.

Same can be done for adding wellness or self care to our daily routine, i.e. scheduling a bath or home spa rituals into my evening (like it’s a meeting), or turning off the TV 30 minutes earlier to allow time for reading. Accomplishing our goals begins with knowing our habits (the good and the bad) and some of them seem too big to overcome. But divided into smaller portions, it feels doable.

Keeping up with our own promise and seeing it through is such a powerful gift to ourselves and we deserve it. Especially after surviving 2020 - a year that thrived on the word resilience. Whereas the word of 2021 for me is flexibility. Being flexible with ourselves and finding new ways. Our worlds have become somewhat blurred - it can be challenging to find the division between work, family, fun, private time and other activities.

We’re not to change who we are overnight, and is that even our goal? I think we’re pretty great - just the way we are. However, wanting something more and strengthening ourselves can be desirable, and I believe that dividing our goals into micro steps is nothing short of sustainable magic. Our lives are our own narratives to tell - we’re the creators here and by making small edits - we might just have a solid and exciting story in our hands.

Be well, and take small bites ;)


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