Sóley Iceland founder is Icelandic actress Sóley Elíasdóttir, a long-standing iconic figure of the country’s theatre and film world. She left the stage to embrace the family tradition of harnessing the healing properties of herbs for beauty.

Sóley's first product, GRÆÐIR, an all-purpose healing balm, was based on one of Erlingur's recipes. In Icelandic, græðir (pronounced: grai-theer) means ‘healer’.

Sóley's great-great-grandmother, Thorunn, was a particular inspiration to her in this. Thorunn, or Grasa-Thorunn (Herb-Thorunn) as she was better known, was a famous healer and midwife. There are many stories about the lives she saved using her knowledge of herbs. There is even a story that claims that she was the first woman in Iceland to wear trousers!

Thorunn passed her wisdom on to her son, Erlingur, who used it to save all twelve of his children from the Spanish Flu.

Sóley wants to make sure the spirit of Thorunn’s and Erlingur's herbal wisdom stays alive and flourishes. Following in her ancestors' footsteps, she does her best to make her products powerful but gentle. That is to say, ingredients that are powerful and gentle, addressing the needs of all kinds of hair.

All of Sóley Iceland's products are Ecocert Cosmos Natural certified, which guarantees and highlights the best environmentally friendly and socially conscious practices.

The featured ingredients are sustainably wild-harvested and hand-picked. In fact, Sóley has an agreement with the Icelandic Forest Service, which supports her herb harvesting as sustainable and contributing positively to Iceland's environmental footprint.

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